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God: The Final Frontier


God the Final Frontier — How to Cultivate A Personal Relationship With Your Creator We have led Muslims, Jehovah’s Witness, atheists, Chicago street-gang members and Nazis to the Lord from the information in the first four chapters of this book! It’s only 80 pages (most people can read it in less than an hour) and contains 40 spectacular (and some rare) photographs on glossy paper (the pictures practically jump off the pages).

Chapter 1 is about the wonders of God’s creation. Chapter 2 covers the Word of God (Living and written), that is Jesus Christ and the Bible. Jesus Christ is the most famous person who ever lived. Prophecy proves the Bible is true. There are more than 3,000 predictive verses in the Scriptures. Only someone with omniscience can predict the future with perfect accuracy. Chapter 3 reveals that God’s moral law is written on every man’s heart.

These three arguments constitute God’s three revelations of Himself to mankind, and correspond to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This is why Romans 1:20 says in essence; No man will stand before God with any excuse for ignoring or denying Him.

Chapter 4 reveals how we see the Trinity in nature. This chapter really blows people away. We have had men who hold PhD’s in theology, biology, and physics majors tell us that this is one of the best presentations of Christianity they have ever read! Available individually or in packs of ten. This book is ideal for churches to include in their welcome packs, for evangelism training and for family devotions. Your children will know why we believe what we believe. Order yours today!

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  1. The Wonders of God’s Creation

Einstein Didn’t Invent Physics—He Discovered It

The Wonders of the Milky Way Galaxy

You Are God’s Greatest Miracle

  1. The Word of God, Living and Written

Astronomy and the Bible

One Word Proves the Bible Is True

The Greatest Demonstration of Love

The Greatest Words Ever Spoken

The Greatest Argument for the Resurrection

  1. There Is No Excuse for Unbelief

            God’s Law

            God’s Grace

  1. How Can One God Be a Trinity?

            Time, Space and Matter

            Body, Soul, Spirit

Mind, Will and Emotions

  1. Evolution Is Not Science, It’s Monkey Mythology

Darwin Rejects His Own Theory

What Does the Fossil Record Show?

What is the Real Motive Behind Atheism?

  1. How to Cultivate a Relationship with God

God’s Most Holy and Proper Name

The Treasure Map to Eternal Life

Why Would Anyone Reject God?

What Do I Do Now?

Three Things We All Need

  1. Chapter Questions

Suggested Reading

End Notes

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